Clinic Advantages

Why Choose us?

- Wait times for appointments are considerably shorter than at the hospital;

- Patients achieve their consultation and endoscopy in one visit.

- The clinic uses the most advanced high-definition videoscope equipment;

- The clinic is in a newly constructed medical facility designed for patient comfort.

- Patients usually will have the choice of conscious sedation.

- The patient’s report includes a colour photograph of the endoscopic findings.

- A report is sent to the referring physician usually within 24 hours of the procedure.

- All required follow-up will be conveniently arranged by the endoscopist.

- The Gastroenterologists will look after patients for any endoscopic findings.

- If the patient is having a colonoscopy done and they have symptoms that warrant

- gastroscopy, it can be pre-arranged for the same visit.

- State-of-the art endoscopic cleaning equipment ensures infection control.