Thank you very much to Dr. Barron….all the staff here is exceptional, friendly and helpful…..a patient’s dream.

I am very impressed with Dr. Webster; his mindset is exactly what I want in my doctor. I consider it a privilege to have had him perform this procedure. The nursing and other staff were nothing short of superb!.....


….I have not experienced such care in decades….I really appreciate the fantastic job you are doing…


June 24, 2011

Hello Russell,

You have a wonderful Clinic. I was a patient today. I was greeted very professionally, then turned over to a nurse who was equally professional as she took by BP and blood sugar and who knows what else, then introduced me to another nurse who was all mine throughout the procedure. Dr. Barron did a great job of making sure there was no pain and communicating with me before, during and after the procedure. When the procedure was over, I was handed over to a third nurse who was equally professional. She helped me get back to normal and back into the world.

I am commenting on this service for three reasons:

1. I had a colonoscopy almost three years ago. It was a painful, terrible experience, with marginal support staff for the physician. I mention this because now we know all clinics are not the same.

2. Another gentleman scheduled to follow me was extremely anxious. The staff dealt with him as best they could. If he backed out he made a huge mistake. My procedure could not have gone any better.

3. I operate both a MRI and an orthopaedic surgery clinic, as you know. I can appreciate what a great job you have done recruiting the very best physicians and professional support staff. I know it’s not
easy putting a great team together.


Thank you.

James Nicol

James Nicol, President MRI PLUS